An actual and real idea, leading to the creation of a perfect object or a space, can never be put into existence through the creative work of the designer alone. Instead, it is always a symbiosis between the ideas of the author and the end user.

It is important to understand and approach this issue responsibly and humbly at the same time, because the best things in the space that surrounds us, which we perceive as a flawless part of the entire space and lifestyle, were created in this way. We appreciate good and exacting clients, because it is their inner strength and energy that has helped us to create and achieve the best things.

Today, we can proudly say that it is our mutual and combined work that has helped us to do this. In the actual design work the main issue is, how to transmit and represent human philosophy embedded in inanimate objects and to give them life. It is very important for us to have the relevant item created through perfectly crafted work, so it may start living its real life. At the same time, it is absolutely unacceptable for our work to end up only with the creation of a study, which will never find a use. This is the driving engine and the highest goal of our entire team.


Modeling of shapes, whether the result is small useful objects or same-sized units which can also be buildings, is a long emotive process not only based on the feelings of a single individual but also absorption of the given place, feelings, and discussion with people affected by the end product.

Everyone who has accepted this creative vocation and decided to enter the labyrinth of cognition should with all passion create shapes not only beautiful but also logical, meaningful and transcend the current perception of the world.

It is incredibly hard work with dubious results but its meaningfulness is evidenced by objects and buildings emerging from the past, unconventional at the time, which still have a lot to say and are time-tested inspiration even today.


The selection and composition of material is the final process in the materialization of an idea. We prefer materials based on nature for their tradition and timelessness. It is not important if the raw material suitable for processing is used for a small utility item or for building a house. It always goes through a thorough selection and precise processing by verified artisans. Even for large units such as buildings, we must ensure that the processing is precise and that every detail is considered essential. Only by using a top material and its perfect processing results in the perfect whole, which in the end reflects the spirit of its author.



We approach the design of buildings with an unconventional stance, where we perceive the modeling of buildings as the shaping of an artistic element in the landscape, but emerging from its very center like a flower or a quartz crystal. It’s a game of shapes where during the creation habits and trends are neglected and one of the main leads is a clean connection with the mass of the terrain.
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